The International Committee for Insulin Resistance (ICIR) is a group of Physicians who are committed to the understanding of the Insulin Resistance Syndrome (IRS) and its associated and its clinical manifestations. The committee serves as a scientific organizing committee of the World Congress of IRS. The goals of the committee are, to further the understanding of the etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of the syndrome. The committee facilitates educational activities around the globe to improve physicians’s other allied health care provider’s, health organizations, governments and public’s understanding of the insulin resistance syndrome.


Yehuda Handelsman MD

Medical Director The Metabolic Institute of America Tarzana, CA


Zachary T. Bloomgarden MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York, NY


Sonia Caprio MD

Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology New Haven, CT


Robert J. Chilton DO

Professor of Medicine San Antonio, TX


Rhoda Cobin MD

Midland Park, NJ


Samuel Cushman PhD

Special Volunteer Bethesda, MD


Jamie A. Davidson MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine Dallas, TX


Ralph DeFronzo MD

Professor of Medicine San Antonio, TX


Daniel Einhorn MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine San Diego, CA


Vivian Fonseca MD

Professor or Medicine New Orleans, LA


W. Timothy Garvey MD

Butterworth Professor and Chair Birmingham, AL


Peter J. Grant MD

Professor of Medicine Leeds, United Kingdom


George Grunberger MD

Clinical Professor Bloomfield Hills, MI


Robert Henry MD

Professor of Medicine San Diego, CA


Paul S. Jellinger MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine Hollywood, FL


Samuel Klein MD

Professor of Medicine St Louis, MO


Mikhail Kosiborod MD

Professor of Medicine Kansas City, MO


Ronald Krauss MD

Director Atherosclerosis Research Berkeley, CA


Derek LeRoith MD

Director of Diabetes Research New York, NY


Philip Levy MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine Phoenix, AZ


Nikolaus Marx MD

Professor of Medicine Aachen, Germany


Christos Mantzoros MD

Professor of Medicine Boston, MA


Tracey L. McLaughlin MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine Stanford, CA


Christian Mende MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine La Jolla, CA


Jorge Plutzky MD

Director Vascular Disease Boston, MA


Arun Sanyal MD

Professor of Medicine Richmond, VA


Alan R. Sinaiko MD

Professor Department of Pediatrics Minneapolis, MN


Bart Staels PhD

Full Professor Lille, France


Former ICIR Members
Gerald M. Reaven, MD (2003-2006)Sir George Alberti, MD (2003-2011)Ele Ferrannini, MD (2003-2005)Pamela Goodwin, MD (2003-2006)Richard Hellman, MD (2003-2009)John Nestler, MD (2003-2009)Richard Pasternak, MD (2003-2004)Helena W. Rodbard, MD (2003-2011)